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Wrapping head mesh with Wrap3

For this week's assignment, I rescanned my head and neck using Bellus3d. I think this app is very easy to use. It's fast, it only scans my face at the front and on the sides. It auto generates the back of my head for me, so I don't have to fully rotate my body in order for the app to scan the back of my head. The only downside of this app is that it isn't free to export the scan. I paid about a dollar for each of my head scan.

I followed Matt's tutorials which were very useful. This was also my first time using Wrap3. It was fun to use and I find the graph easier to use than the one in Unreal Engine. After wrapping my head mesh with Wrap3 I then resized and reoriented my scan using Maya. I haven't used Maya before and this time I only tried the scale and rotate tools.

Uploading to Mixamo wasn't complicated however it took me a really long time. The first time I uploaded was fine, but after that it took forever to load, I have also tried using different browser but it was still so slow.


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