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This week we started to explore the Sequencer tool to create a short film on UE4. Matt's tutorial is very useful and easy to follow. I had a lot of fun making my short film. For this short film, I wanted to create a little society of alien-like creatures. I'm still interested in playing with the scale of the avatars. I was trying to play around with how the camera can also help emphasize the difference in scale of the avatars.

I had some technical challenges creating a custom event on the sequencer because I have a newer version of the program than the one in the tutorial. I'm still struggling with how to set an event to happen at a particular time on the timeline. I was trying to create an explosion that happens at a specific time on the sequencer but I still couldn't figure how to do that. The explosion that I added just happens as soon as the frame starts to run, and by the time the camera cut to that scene the explosion has already happened.


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