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Face Scan

This week, our assignment was to scan our faces and bring our scans to class. I don't have the equipment to scan my face. I borrowed an iphone 11 and used Capture App (iOS) to scan my face. However, I couldn't find the way to open the file. Please see my screenrecord of my face scan.

This was my first time trying to scan a 3D object. To scan my face, the app requires to use the sensor in the front camera so it was difficult to ask someone to help me scan my face, so I had to put the phone at the same level of my head and slowly rotate my body in front of the camera. I did this many times before I could get a decent scan of my face. I think the app is easy to use but the quality of the scan isn't that great. I couldn't manage to scan my whole head. The top of my head is always missing like I have a hole through my head.


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