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using wrap3 and iclone7

This week we use iclone7 to create custom animations for our 3D scan and export them to Unreal Engine. I struggled a lot for this assignment. I couldn't upload my avatar to Mixamo, it's been taking forever to load and I could never get it done. I tried using different internet browsers but still couldn't get it to work. I also tried on my macbook, the upload seemed to work but after the character has been uploaded, my laptop became very very slow and it's really hard to choose any animations and download the fbx files. I manage to download 2 animations and I had to close the website because my laptop became very slow.

I used the animations that I got and follow Matt's tutorial. In 3DXchange when applying texture to the character, my 3D scan has so many layers (around 1700 please see image below) I don't know why it's like that. I tried to highlight all of the layers at the same time by using shift on the keyboard. It seemed to work, but the program crashed every time I selected too many layers at the same time. So I had to do it one by one.

I'm still having trouble using live link to transfer my scan with the animations to Unreal, every time I try iClone will crash and just force quit itself. So I haven't been able to go forward from this point.


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