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create our own avatars

For the first one I used Memoji Stickers to create my avatar on my ipad

I quite like this avatar creating system. I think It's easy to use and I like the style of it. However, I also find it pretty difficult to find the hairstyle that I think it looks like my current hairstyle. I also like that at the beginning I didn't have to choose my gender. I think this system has a variety of choices for you to make but maybe it's still not enough for someone that want to create a very specific avatar that look exactly like them. Most of the facial features that we can choose are identical (like both of the eye brows are the same, some people might have different looking eye brow on each side, like for me, my right ear is bigger than my left ear.)

For the second system I used AR emoji tool on my android phone to create another avatar of me.

This one started off with the system asking me to upload a photo of me or take a photo of my face. After choosing a photo of my face, it will generate an avatar for me and after that I can change and style it however I want. For this system compared to the first one I used, I think I like the first one more. This one has a lot less option to choose from, It was more difficult to create an avatar that I think look really like me.


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