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Whale Killer V2

This week I was able to sculpt my killer whale using epoxy putty. I started off with aluminum foil to build the basic structure of the sculpt and then covered it with epoxy and started building up the form and added the details. I had to mix epoxy putty A and B 1:1 so I planned to weigh them so I know that I have them in 1:1, but it turned out that they have different mass, I just have to see if they are about the same size.

After mixing the epoxy A and B together I had 60-90 minutes to work on it before it started to cure.

This is where I had a bit of a trouble. I spent a lot of time trying to build the main body of the whale killer and by the time I got to do its face, the epoxy had already started to cure. The face turned out to be out of center after the epoxy was fully harden. I then decide to put a new layer of epoxy on top of the old face and tried to move the face to the middle and made a new face.

(The epoxy was very sticky to my hands, I realized after I finished sculpting it that I could put some Vasaline on my hands when sculpting so the epoxy wouldn't stick too much on my hands.)

I also had a hard time trying to make the surface even, it's easy to make the surface smooth (rub some water on the surface to smoothen it out) But it was very difficult to make the whole surface even.

After the sculpt is fully cured, I sanded it using 3 numbers of sandpapers, (rough-medium-fine) and rinsed in with clean water after sanding was done.

I had some model paints at home (acrylic paint) so I used them to paint the sculpt. I planned to spray paint it, but I couldn't get hold of the spray paint in time, I might use it for my next sculpt.

I used masking tape to mask out the pattern of the whale (white areas that look like the whale's eyes.)

I am happy with the outcome of this sculpt, however I want to work on it to make it looks more crisp and clear.

-I also signed my initials on its belly :D -


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