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making AKRO!

After the sculpt had been sanded it's ready to be used to make the mould. I used plasticine, silicone, gauze pad and some plaster to make the mould.

I think it was pretty hard to make the mould, it's been raining everyday and that made it hard for the silicone mould to fully dry.

making the silicone mould:

- use plasticine to make a block covering half of the sculpt.

- make sure to create a slot in the mould where you will use that slot to pour resin into the mould.

- create interlocking buttons using end of a pen.

- pour a layer of silicone onto the block and wait for it to dry. (90% dry is ok)

- place gauze pad on the silicone. This will help hold the silicone mould together.

- apply more silicone and wait for it to be 90% dry. repeat this step until the mould is thick and strong enough to hold it together.

- After the silicone mould is fully dried, put a mixture of plaster on top to create a plaster cast that help hold the silicone mould in place when doing resin casting.

- repeat the steps above to make the other side of the silicone mould.

To resin cast, I bought 1kg of normal resin ( I think it's called PC-600 ) they already put 10% of cobalt in the resin mixture. I also got the resin accelerator (10g) For this project I mix the resin with some calcium carbonate powder.

resin casting:

- mix resin with very little amount of resin accelerator, mix well, and pour the mixture into the mould.

- wait for the resin to cure. It will begin to heat up.

- once the resin is curing ( you will be able to remove it from the mould but it will still be a little bit soft. remove from the mould and cut off any excess that you don't want)

- wait for the resin to fully cure. It will get really hot that you don't want to touch it.

- put the resin figure into a bath of caustic soda and wait for a while.

- remove the resin from the soda bath and wash it with tab water, use a toothbrush to brush off any dirt and excess.

- let the resin figure dry out

- fill up any air holes with epoxy that might occur when you were casting the figure.

- sand if needed

Spray paint

to spray paint, make a small hole on the bottom of the figure and put a stick there so it's easier to hold the resin when spray painting it without having to touch the figure directly.

spray painted off white / skin colour first, then masked it out and spray painted white. Maksed out the white part and finish with black spray paint.

Making the package

I bought some 10x10x15cm card boxes and use photoshop to design the pattern for the box and printed them out on matte 230 grams card paper. I cut the pattern out and stuck it on the box using glue spray. I also put black sponge rubber sheets inside the box for better protection of the resin figure.


I drew the design on my ipad and sent them off to be printed on waterproof sticker and cut them out.


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