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VIDEO + SOUND - Final Video Project

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

For this final project out group wanted to make some kind of a funny ghost hunter show. We wanted to film on the construction site on 2nd floor of 370 Jay St. building. However we were not allowed to be on the site. So we ended up shooting in the areas that we were allowed to be in. We then decided to change our story from funny ghost hunting show to some sort of a short spooky video of a guy running away from some scary creature or maybe a ghost. However, it turned out to be too confusing and the story was not clear enough for the audiences to follow.

This is our first video called 'DOORS'

After the first video, we changed back to our original idea of making a ghost hunting show.

The idea was that Schuyler, who is the host of this show, was asked to investigate reports of paranormal activity at ITP-NYU.

Watch our final video here

For this project, I was the cameraman and I was in charge of most of the editing. I learned a lot from this project. I think the first one didn't turn out well because we did not plan well. We should have a clear storyboard and we should know exactly what we have to shoot for each scene. Looking for the locations of where we want to shoot is also very important. We should check if we will be able to film there or not, and we should check if the location is suitable for our video.

Problems that I encountered when I was shooting includes;

- Camera is out of focus

> solution: For the scenes that we need to follow an object or a person, I would use auto focus. For the scenes that the object or the person is not moving around a lot. I would use manual focus.

- Unwanted background noise is too loud

> solution: I try to choose the location that is suitable for the scene. Be aware that fans or wind can cause very annoying background noise. I think using a windshield for microphones would be the best way to solve this problem. (but we didn't have one at the time) So choosing the location carefully will also help.

- Camera is not steady enough

> solution: use a gimbal, tripod, or monopod.

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