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VIDEO + SOUND - Soundwalk 'The city with nameless noises'

Updated: Dec 17, 2019


The story we wanted to convey from our sound walk was based on our own experiences, our feelings and emotions. As all of the members in our group are foreigners and just moved to New York about a month ago.

We are overwhelmed by the city and what is happening here. Although we enjoy coming to ITP we still face some difficulties adapting to this very active and vibrant city. We hoped to be able to deliver our feelings of uncertainties or anxiety to the audience.

We wrote the script together and wanted to use the street and surroundings sounds that we record by ourselves. We wanted to make every sound as realistic as possible meaning that we didn’t want to add any artificial sounds to our soundwalk.

I learned from the assignment that sound can play an important role in our five senses, and it can also alter us to be aware of other senses that we are using it subconsciously.

What I think I might do differently is that I think we can add artificial sound from other sources that don’t have to be first handed. We could use those sound to help provoke feelings or emotions that we are after.


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