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Updated: Dec 18, 2019

We're going to investigate the place where a group of people mysteriously disappeared several years ago, and spooky activities have been reported there.

Scene 1: OUTSIDE THE JAY STREET METROTECH, MIDNIGHT SCHUYLER is checking his watch. Camera is zoomed in on him. He looks up. SCHUYLER: "We're rolling? Yeah? Ok, perfect, it's just about midnight. Welcome once again to everyone's favorite show, Ghost Hunters of the 21st Century: The Reboot. Today we're investigating the infamous Jay Street Metrotech" -- he turns to take in the Metrotech Building -- "where a number of ITP students went mysteriously missing during the opening year in 2019. It's 2029 now, by the way, ten years later. ... Let's go inside."

Scene 2: AT THE SHOP. SCHUYLER is inspecting the TOOLS. SCHUYLER: "Wow, these things are still pretty sharp, even ten years later." He holds up a pair of WIRE CUTTERS. The camera zooms in on the WIRE CUTTERS. "I could definitely see someone getting hurt with this." CAMERAMAN: "I heard that one ITP student was accidentally cut in half while using one of these, actually." SCHUYLER: "Wow, that's insane... Did they make it?" CAMERAMAN: "... What?" SCHUYLER: "The... the one that got cut in half. Were they ok?" CAMERAMAN: "... Uh, no, they died." SCHUYLER puts down the saw. Close up of SCHUYLER'S face. He looks shocked. SCHUYLER: "... Wow, fuck. Let's get out of here."

SCENE 3: THE KITCHEN? OR THE FACULTY ROOMS OR SOMETHING? Schuyler is inspecting something when we hear a NOISE from offscreen. The camera whips around and sees a STUDENT come out from behind a corner. SCHUYLER: "Woah, wait, who are you?" STUDENT: "I'm... John Jarkowski." SCHUYLER: "John Jawkowski... you can't be him. That's the ITP student that disappeared ten years ago. What the hell are you doing here?!" STUDENT: "Well, here's the story. While all the ITP students were getting to know each other at orientation, we played a game of hide and seek. None of the other students ever found me, so I've been waiting here ten years." SCHUYLER: "Oh. So there's no ghost here or anything?" STUDENT: "Oh I'm definitely a ghost, I died while waiting for everyone to find me in hide and seek and now I'm going to eat your souls." SCHUYLER: "WHAT?! Not if I have anything to say about it!!" He holds out the pair of WIRE CUTTERS threateningly. STUDENT: "Woah, hey, be careful, someone got caught in half using one of those once." SCHUYLER: "QUICK, LET'S RUN!"

Two ways this could end, depending on how long the movie is at this point.

Ending 1 (movie is too long) cut to a black screen saying something like "SCHUYLER and CAMERAMAN were never seen again. To this day, the Jay Street Metrotech remains abandoned..." with spooky music


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