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ANIMATION - Stop Motion

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Our first project in animation was to create a looped stop motion. I got to work with Sydney Meyers and Patrick Warren. We had a really good time working together. I enjoyed working with them a lot!

We figured out what we wanted to do since our first meeting. The idea that we had was that we want to combine real life stop motion using green screen and stop motion using objects. The story that we wanted to make was close to our final piece. We wanted to have our main character walking into a gallery and somehow one of the paintings there will come to life and come out of the painting, interact with the character and then go back into the painting.

After our first meeting we decided to look for items that we already have at home and see if we can use them for our project. Patrick had a lucha libre mask and Sydney had a framed artwork of a drawing of birds. We talked about having the person becoming the painting themselves at the end of the story. From Patrick’s mask, we agreed that the painting will be of a masked person and somehow the mask will come out of the painting and it will be placed onto the person. From Sydney’s drawing of birds it inspired us that we should use birds as a vehicle for the mask to leave the painting. Sydney made the bird out of model magic and then painted it.

We used after effects to remove the green screens and use premiere pro to add the sound effects and music.


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