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ANIMATION - After Effects Animation

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Our 2nd assignment for our animation class is to create an animation using After Effects. I was assigned to work with Michelle and Lanni.

We wanted to create a collage animation that presents a person walking inside of her own head/dream. We split the work into 3 parts. Michelle was in charged of the first part of the story where the person's head opened. I did the part when the person walks inside her own head. Lanni did the last part after the person falls from her own dream. The reason that we wanted to show that the person falls in the dream was because, we wanted to present the feeling of falling while sleeping. Which we think everyone has experienced before.

For the part that I made, I downloaded all the photos from a free online photo source, die cut them into different layers and arranged them on Photoshop.

I spent a lot of time placing different assets around seeing which ones should go where and also which ones should be bigger or smaller. I planned how I want the person to interact with the assets, which I think it helped a lot when placing the objects around and also it helped me visualize when shooting in front of the green screen so I knew what I need the person to do.

Tina was the model for our work. I shot and directed all of the scenes in front of a green screen. Tina was a very good actress. She acted well and I really enjoyed working with her.

After we got all the footage that we need. I think it wasn't that hard to combine the footage with the collage. We animated everything using After Effects and we used Premiere Pro to combine our parts together, and to add the music.


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