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Project Development - audio story script

This week, I spent a lot of time revising my past, and my personal story about sexual prejudice. It's been a rough journey for me and I still find it a bit difficult to actually talk about it in front of other people that aren't very close to me. However I'm hoping that by doing this project, my story, interesting or not, can inspire other people.

I made a rough mind map of what I think are key sexual prejudice incidents that had happened to me. It's not finalized yet but I feel I needed this to start writing my script for the audio story.

please see the mind map below:

This week I also revisited the area around my primary and secondary schools back here in Bangkok. I wasn't allowed to go inside, so I just drove around. It brings back a lot of memory good and bad.

I also did some research on how to tell a story

I find these very helpful

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