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Hear Their Stories - After Pin Up

This week after the pin up, our next assignment is to

  1. Work on your prototypes.

  2. Identify the questions you still need answers, and the problems/challenges you still face.

  3. Make a plan of attack. What needs to be done in the following weeks before the "playtest"?

  4. Update your timeline and BOM.

Questions you still need answers, and the problems/challenges you still face.

I still need to find a better and more interesting format/medium to express the message and story that I want to pass on to the audience. I feel like I haven't been able to find a strong and impactful story that is meaningful and interesting enough to catch the people's attention.

Why you are making the project and the stories behind it.

I want to make this project because I'm interested in why some people are homophobic, but I know that it is beyond my ability to find out why some people are like that. I know that I only want to know because I want to try to understand them, and understanding them might lead to a cure for homophobia. I think the reason why I chose the topic 'sexual prejudice' was because sexual prejudice happens because of homophobia. I have been experiencing sexual prejudice since I was quite young. I have always hoped that I could do something to help correct this attitude.

How does the current state of a global pandemic influence this project?

The current state of COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the LGBTQ community.

- more than 220 pride celebrations around the world have been canceled or postponed.

- Health care discrimination: concerns about reduced support for LGBTQ people.

- harder to social distance for some LGBTQ people: LGBTQ people have higher risk of homelessness likely because their families reject them.

How will you distribute/display it?

Ideally I want to display the posters in a free public space that anyone can access. Like subway, bus stop or on any available poster board.

I would like to also post them on social media platform like instagram.

What would be a perfect experience/interaction with your project?

I would like the audience to understand the message that I'm trying to pass on to them. Have physical interaction with the poster, like look in the mirror. Follow the project's instagram. Take photo of the poster and share with their family and friends or post on their social media platforms.

How can you connect with your audience?

I would be happy if the audience can share their stories with me by sending emails or direct message.

Plan of attack

- finalize poster design and message (what's going to be on the poster : photo/text/interaction/size of poster)

- find one story and record it for audio story (possibly my own story, but I might ask someone else to read it for me)

- figure out the interaction of the audience and the audio story

- fabrication

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