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To push my character a little further, I wanted to make a creature that is wearing a killer whale suit. The idea came from the name 'Killer whale' I wanted to play with it and change it to 'Whale killer'

so the creature inside the whale suit kills it and make the suit from it.

I want the creature's face to be mischievous so I was trying to sketch different faces to find the one that I like most. I was also trying to figure out if I want it to show its arms or legs or both. I ended up having its legs extended out from the tail of the whale, as if the creature is lying on its belly.

I planned to use epoxy for my final sculpt and to make a resin cast from it, but for this sculpt I used air dry clay like last time. This time when I was building its skeleton from aluminum foil I tried to make the skeleton smaller because I now know that it will get chubbier when I cover it with clay.

I sculpted the body of the whale first and put some clay at the front for it to be the face of the creature, I then made another sheet of clay and covered it on the top of the face.

After I let to dry over the night I used sand paper to sand the sculpt down to make it smooth.


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