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Winter Show 2019

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Feedback from winter show

I tried to give as little instruction as possible to the guest. (told them that they were supposed to press the buttons.)

-People usually come in pairs or as a group. They usually know each other so it was easy for them to communicate well.

-some of them thought it was meant to be a fighting/racing game.

-some people reached the middle together really fast, some of them spent a lot of time trying to figure out what they had to do in order to get to the middle.

-received a lot of compliments about the choice of the colors and pattern design.

In conclusion I think people had fun playing with it even if some of them never got to the final stage. I had a really good time talking and observing all the guest that came to our Winter Show.

If there was a chance I would try to design better signifiers for the project.

Photos of other projects that I've taken from Winter Show.

Project names from left to right

- One Amongst Many: Connecting Women in Computing by Tina R. , Christina Dacanay

- createPattern(); by Jan Suphitcha

-Lenticular Portals by Aidan Lincoln and Nicole Cabalquinto

-Voice Mirror by Name Atchareeya

-Raching Thoughts by Emily Zhao

-Liiiiiiiiiiight by Ziyu Gao and Nok

-Fireflies by Abby Lee, TianXu and Sam

-Life Vending Machine by Stacy Yuan, TianXu and Monni


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