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Digital output lab

I first tried to make 2 white LEDs blink one at a time in a loop.

My second attempt was to make 4 LEDs blink at different times and see if 3 of them can connect to the same output. So I had one blue LED and 2 white LEDs. (the two white ones are in series and they are in parallel with the blue one.) For this circuit I changed the delay time so that the 3 ones that are connected to each other blink at a faster rate than the white one on the left side of the circuit.



Surface mounted water station including bi-level fountain with integral bottle filler.

a photograph of surface mounted water station including bi-level fountain with hand-free water filler.

My assumptions:

For bottle filler, users put their water bottle under the filling tap, when the sensor detects that there is a bottle or a container there, it will start to fill up the bottle/container.

For bi-level fountain, users press the button and drink water from the fountain.

From my observation, the majority of the users use the filling station more than the bi-level fountain. Its fill rate is quite fast, but some users bring more than one bottle to fill, so it can take some time. Some users will hold their bottles while some of them will just place them on the platform. I overheard one user said that by having this water station, he drinks a lot more water, which is good for him and he’s pleased about it. No problems have been found from my observation. I also found one user used his knee to press the fountain button and use it to wash his hands instead of drinking from it.

From my opinion, I think the design of this water station is attractive, it looks easy to use. We know its affordance by just looking at it, and it has clear signifiers. It also has a screen that displays the number of plastic bottles saved. I think this screen helps make the design look attractive and it also makes the user feel like they are actually helping the environment, and that they will want to continue to use this water station.

I think it is very easy and satisfying for its users, but I I’m not sure of how its maintenance will be carried out, such as how to change its filter. It’s designed so that the user knows the status of the filter but I see no sign of how to change that.


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