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More 3D modelling

I was trying to make a 3D model of my water bottle. I only managed to make the bottle and the lid but I wasn't able to make the part that holds the lid and the bottle together.

this is the first one that I made. I just wanted to try the revolve tool.

this one has more details and looks more similar to my water bottle.

Here is the dimension drawing of the bottle

The lid: I was trying to make the lid using the revolve tool but it didn't work out.

I don't know if it's possible but I think it is easier to approach it with another method. For the lid, I drew a circle, extruded it and used the shell tool to create a shell. On the circumference of the top surface, I created a sketch of a triangle and extruded that down along the side surface. After that, I used the pattern > circular pattern tool to create multiples of it around the lid.

Emboss tool: For this model I wanted to try using the emboss tool. I created a vase and made the pattern on a sketch and use that pattern to emboss to the surface of the vase.


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