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making a tiny stool with CNC machine

I have always wanted to try using the CNC machine we have at itp. For this project I had a chance to finally use it. I looked at many stool designs online for inspiration and I ended up with this design. I wanted to make something small and simple. I created 2 sketched on Fusion. one for the seat and one for the legs. Because the drill of the CNC machine is round, dogbones are used.

I saved the files on fusion as DXF and Ben opened them on mastercam to prep for CNC machine file. We need to move the drawing close to the origin on mastercam and put in all the information the machine needs to know about the piece that we were going to cut. The size of the drill that would be used, how thick the piece of wood is, and also which direction to cut, clock wise or anti-clock wise. When the files were ready, they were saved to a USB stick to be used with the machine.

The wood was screwed to the CNC bed and after the origin was set, we started the machine. Ben used a piece of wood to help hold the piece we were cutting out down when the piece was nearly done. so that it wouldn't move when the final cut was made.

After everything was cut, I sanded them down and put the pieces together. The two legs on the side fit tightly to the slot, but the one in front didn't fit as tight.

I really like how it turn out, but I think next time I will have to be more considerate about the use of material that I have, so I could make the most out of the material and won't waste a lot of wood.

This time I don't know what to do with the rest of the wood that I have left.


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