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Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Computation can be applied to my interests in art and communication. I think computation can fuse my interest in art and communications. It will help broaden the medium in which we use to express our creativity, because human capability is limited, and I believe that we could use computation to help us do what human can't. This term, I imagine making project that uses light as a medium, combine with geometry and minimalist forms. I wish to explore computation for light and projections.


Projects that I like:

Projection projects by Joanie Lemercier

I like how he uses minimal and simple shapes to create impactful artwork. The idea to use light as a medium to manipulate perceived reality is very interesting.

Prime by Marius Watz

Very simple, minimal design and with it’s bright pink color, I think it makes the place more lively. Though the layout is quite simple but the timer mechanism for which lights are going to go on is very interesting. The pattern is evolving all the time so it’s impossible to predict and I like the fact that we cannot guess which pattern is going to show up.


Creating a screen drawing using p5.js

a photo of my self portrait sketch and some notes

Reproducing the image

- when trying to place the dark blue square around the perimeter of the green ellipse, I didn’t know how to calculate the coordinates of where I want the square to be. As I tried moving it around, I first tried to place it at the center of the canvas. (I forgot that if I put the value of x and y to be the center of the canvas, it will start drawing the square down from that point.) I wanted to know how to draw a square by stating its center of the canvas so I googled and found out that we can put “ rectMode(CENTER); “ in our function setup, to indicate that we want to use the center mode when we draw.

- The idea of the layers of what we draw in the web editor is very similar to other graphic software like photoshop and illustrator.


- I sketched how I want my self-portrait to be, it's easier to plan where the points should be on a paper first, and figure out which codes will be used.

- when I tried to use quad( ); had to figure out which point is which. It took me a while to figure that x1 y1 will be the first point x2 y2 is the second point, x3 y3 the third, and x4 y4 the last. And the computer will draw a line from point 1 to 2 to 3 and 4.

- difficult to use arc( );

- I find it easier if I roughly guess where the coordinates of a point should be, write them down, press the play button, then I can move the object that I draw later according to that coordinate.

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