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The homework was to recreate a scene from a film using standard assests in Unity. I wanted to create a scene of floating mountains from Avatar.

I tried to create the floating mountains by using terrains and prefab rocks.

First step was to build a terrain. (I resized them using the terrain settings and lower its resolution.) and raised the height of the terrain to create organic uneven surface that is higher in the middle. I then added the trees onto the terrain. I rotated a pointy prefab rock and put it under the terrain, and then added more rocks around the terrain to add more dimension to it. I did the same for the two of my floating islands. I downloaded skydome and apply it to the scene using lighting settings. I wanted to create fog around the island but I could only add fog to the surface of the terrain so I decided to add prefab clouds around the island instead, to create the effect that I want.

I also created a flat terrain to put the FPScontroller on. Please see the video below:


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